Inconsistencies Emerge from US ED’s ESSA Plan Critiques

Of the seventeen states that have already submitted their ESSA Plans, eight have received feedback from US ED (DE, NV, NM, CT, LA, NJ, OR, and TN). The inconsistencies in feedback across the states is cause for confusion as states determine how to respond and resubmit their plans. For example, US ED asked for further detail in the Delaware plan regarding AP courses as a measurement for college- and career-readiness, but did not ask the same of Louisiana or Tennessee.  As a result, many states have resubmitted their state plans without much change. In US ED’s most recent FAQ document, it stated that the feedback does not mean approval or denial of a state plan, and continued to offer limited guidance for states, especially challenging for those that still have yet to submit their plans. Given these inconsistencies, US ED has just added an additional step: a preliminary phone call for states regarding peer reviewer feedback so that states can respond to clarifying questions before official feedback is made public.

As state plan feedback continues to surface, we will feature comments from our partner organizations and highlight key themes that emerge across state plans


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