Proposed Budget Cuts to Title II Funding

The House of Representatives will soon vote on a proposed budget plan that cuts nearly $9 billion in funding to US ED. Among the programs slated to receive fewer dollars is Title II which President Trump has proposed to nearly eliminate and save the Department $2 billion. Title II funds are distributed to states to be used at their discretion to prepare, train, and recruit high quality teachers and leaders. Most of this money goes toward professional development programs in high-poverty and larger school districts.

Supporters of the budget cuts note that funds have not been well-regulated and cite that professional development programs do not greatly affect overall student performance. However, Title II advocates argue that the money is instrumental to recruit and effectively prepare more teachers – particularly relevant for states facing severe teacher shortages – and is integral to whole school transformation efforts that are part of ESSA. If the proposed cuts pass, states and local districts will be responsible for coming up with professional development and teacher and principal recruitment funds on their own or ending these programs all together.


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Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-2311 to speak with your Congressional representative about the House bill on US ED funding, and how Title II supports much needed professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders.