Who We Are

The mission of the Partners for Each and Every Child (Partners for) project is to build an infrastructure of interconnected work that will encourage a growing portion of the education policy community to break down barriers to advance sound educational policies, attentive to matters of equity and responsive to the needs of at-risk, under-served, and politically underrepresented students.

A project of The Opportunity Institute, Partners for is a collaborative, nonpartisan network of education researchers, advocacy organizations, and policy experts who are committed to educational excellence for each and every child. The network grew out of the work of the Congressionally chartered national Commission for Equity and Excellence in Education.

Partners for and Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement:

To the extent that stakeholder engagement is a recognized priority of many partnership organizations nationally and in the states, it is not—in the age of ESSA—any one organization’s focus. While we haven’t made it Partners for’s singular focus either, we have worked hard this year to keep it central to our strategy and work by:

  • Shining a spotlight on the statutory provisions, and what they mean for equity
  • Elevating our Partners’ work
  • Showcasing and supporting meaningful state activity (or lack thereof),
  • Offering guidance around meaningful engagement: what it means and how to live up to it’s principles


What We Believe

Each child must get an instructional strategy effective for that child.

Every child must benefit from systemic change, at scale.

Equity and Excellence must be inseparable endeavors because we will fail at each unless we pursue both.

What Does The Partners for Network Provide?

Technical Assistance – Policy proposals that are responsive to local needs; research-based legislative analyses and legal counsel provided to legislative bodies, advocates, researchers, campaigns, etc.

Communications – Digital and social media, web support, video conferencing and recording services, podcasts, Print and media outreach, messaging, convening support.

Research Support – Policy implementation, strategy and outcomes research for short and long-term engagement and analysis. Products could include briefs, web content, opinion editorials, research analysis and synthesis, conference speaker or panelist participation

Network Access and Infrastructure – staffed and supported regular access to the resources and intellectual capital of others in the Partners for Network, including state and federal departments of education.

Thanks to Our Generous Donors

The American Federation of Teachers, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Ford Foundation, The National Education Association, The Stuart Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.